Thursday, January 20, 2005


An acoustic set tonight, supporting Leave Land For Water and North Sea Navigator. It was at the Metropol in sunny Bedminster. Remember how I said our version of Army Of Me was skeletal? Yeah. I'm afraid that tonight it had brittle bone disease. Notes snapping off all over the shop.

Otherwise things went OK. It was slapdash and under-rehearsed as we were added to the bill at the last minute, but fun nevertheless, and I want to play the songs out and about more now.

The Metropol is a pretty big space (about 500 capacity) dotted with red iron pillars. As our audience shuffled in slowly from the bar we could only see them in sillhouette, and I told them they looked like Night Of The Living Dead. With pint glasses. Is that a good thing to say to your audience before you start playing? Hmmm.

Hey, audience! Correct response to me telling you that you "Look like Night Of The Living Dead"?
"At least I don't look like a ginger David Blunkett."
That should shut me up.

It does get me wondering what we look like on stage these days. Actually I think we've got most of our bases covered:

Doug is obviously there for the ladies, with his perky physique and twinkling eye. He's also regularly seen walking around with a child cradled in one arm, so that's a poster op right there. I can see it now, Doug naked from waist up, little Milo by his side, caption: "My two favourite things are commitment, and changing myself." BEST. SELLER.

Neil's got the pink pound sewn up for us. We know this from exhaustive consumer surveys. I did wonder what they'd make of his new platinum blonde streaks and slightly bigger hair, but the latest figures have just come in and it seems to be playing well on Canal Street.

And then there's me if you're some sort of perverse freak that likes weird stuff. Y'know, unsettling stuff, stuff that looks like a cross between Bigfoot and a corpse*.
*actual description from Nightshift Magazine.

Hell, if we lost a few pounds I think even I could fancy us again. But then there's the old adage, "Don't get laid where you get paid." Having said that, we didn't earn any money tonight, so...


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