Tuesday, January 11, 2005


This will, technically, be the third angel tech album. A series of demos made in Freiburg were compiled onto a short LP in 1997 for our own amusement, and in 1999 we recorded a bunch of stuff at Realworld Studios whilst we were signed to the Palm Pictures label. The latter album, "We Superheroes Bruise Easily,"* will probably see the light of day at some point... but more of this anon.

The new record has been in gestation for the best part of four years. Leaving aside the fact that not even whales, elephants or really, REALLY lazy foetuses have gestation periods of that length, here are a few damn good reasons for the delay:

1. We were washing our hair.

2. OK, Neil and Doug were washing their hair. I've been waiting for mine to do that whole thing where it "gets clean." You'd expect results after 8 months, but no, it's like a fucking toffee apple up there.

3. We only recently started using computers to record things. Beforehand we were stamping the tunes onto Pianola rolls and etching them onto wax cylinders. Interesting side note: if you scratch a wax cylinder hard enough, you can get it to feed back.

4. We've got into a rut whereby every song is now recorded in a series of perpetually shifting, never-ending alternate versions. They're like fractals, but fractals with really bad backing vocals.

5. Doug and his wife, Mary, had a kid, or something.

6. Neil ran away to London. Like Dick Whittington hearing that the streets of the capital were paved with gold, Neil heard that the streets were covered in "crack," and couldn't contain himself. Unfortunately it was a typo. Despite this he still lives in London, but we're working on a cunning device to keep him permanently in Bristol. It resembles a giant version of the boardgame "Mousetrap." The thing is, every time we think we've got it rigged up properly, Doug knocks something over and the whole shebang goes off like a cunt. This is obviously taking up quite a bit of time. Yeah? Yeah, right.

7. We got involved in art, which is always a mistake. The art in question is a performance company based in Bristol and Nottingham called "Bodies In Flight," and we've been collaborating with them as composers and performers, and it's actually fun, so it diverts us from the songwriting every now and then. I asked one of my friends who'd never seen Bodies In Flight before to describe a recent show we did with them. His reply? "It felt like a fantastically violent slap round the face with a really well-bound thesis."

8. We want to do this shit properly.

Our aim is: by April this year we will have a rough assembly of songs, plonked onto a CD, and in a good enough state to play to people (friends, industry friends, family friends, musical friends, etc.) And hopefully, sometime in summer, a genuine angel tech LP we can flog on our own label... unless anyone gives us any offers we can't refuse...

* "We superheroes bruise easily, y'know..." a quote from Grover in Sesame Street, delivered whilst in the guise of SuperGrover.


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