Thursday, July 27, 2006


No more mystery. It's official. The angel tech working method: ANALYSED. CATEGORISED. FILED.

[Click to enlarge. You'll need to, unless you're some sort of multi-eyed insect. In which case: how's it going? Been eaten by any mammals/birds recently? Good for you. Incidentally, do you realise you're currently hanging around on someone's brand new TFT monitor? Yeah, I know. It's the bright lights. The changing colours. So pretty. So hypnotic. Well, I'd buzz off quick before someone gets annoyed at you and ---- oops. Too late. Eeeesh. There goes, like, your entire thorax. Oooof. That's gonna sting come the morning.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mein lieber Freund,
Verzerrungen sind ein wohl feiner Mittler zwischen Erbsenpüree und Eiscreme.
Raum und Zeit wären ein nur zu billiger Ersatz für einen derart köstlichen Schnellimbiss.
Nun wäre es wirklich an der Zeit für komische Gesichter und den Austausch über Produktions-Strategien und von Lieblingsrezepten.

Liebe Grüßle an die Gemahlin und Ihnen alles Gute


3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The babelfish translation:

My dear friend, distortions are a probably fine intermediary between Erbsenpueree and ice cream. Space and time would be only to cheap replacement for such a koestlichen high-speed lunch. Now it would be real at the time for amusing faces and the exchange over production strategies and of favourite prescriptions. Loves Gruessle to the wife and you all property

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo together,

nice "Ablaufdiagramm" (flow chart), it works and looks like "das verflixte Labyrinth" (the verflixte labyrinth) in my overloaded head, which I try to bring in "Einklang" (harmony) with all distortions around (and inside) me...

best wishes to neil, doug and you from FR-

Until then meanWhile

2:51 PM  

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